Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Hack

If you are a fan of the Power Ranger, you probably know that there is a new game out for smartphone users. For those who are not aware yet, Power Ranger Legacy Wars was released in March 2017, to go hand in hand with the new movies released also in 2017. The game is quite epic, and for Power Ranger fans it has ideal features that will keep one playing for many hours and if you will get bored try these awesome Power Rangers legacy wars cheats

What is it all about?

The game has been based on the normal Power Rangers story. The Morphin Grid is under attack and is going to be infected by the evil space witch, Rita Repulsa. After infecting the Grid, the witch uses her power to create virtual monsters and also clone the Power Ranger. The clones together with monster become her new army. In the game, players are supposed to fight against the darkness and defeat the evil witch and ensure the Morphin Grid is returned to its ideal state.

Create Your Own Battle Teams


Players can be able to strategies and create their own custom teams using Power Ranger and Villains from other universes. As one continues to battle and complete missions, they will be able to unlock more than 40 warriors ranging from numerous Power Rangers classics and TV shows.

Also, a top player can be able to battle with another top player from another part of the world. This can be done through real-time online game-playing.

For every team one creates, they will need to choose a leader ranger and other two support characters. The leader Ranger or Character will be played by the user while the other two character will be activated by use of Support Cards. Each player has a power meter of ten and three main moves: Defense, Speed, and Breaker. The power meter does recharge over time when playing you can speed up the process by using Power Rangers Legacy Wars Hack.

To get more out of the game, download it know from either the Plays Store or Apple AppStore for free. Once installed, you can join other in fighting the evil darkness and defeat the evil space witch Rita Repulsa.


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